Mind Mission Board of Directors

Derek Davis

Founder, Mind Mission

“The idea for Mind Mission started to take shape after experiencing panic attacks, anxiety, and depression and refusing to seek treatment out of fear and embarrassment that men were not supposed to seek help. As I began learning about how common mental illness was I realized a few things: the cost of ongoing treatment is expensive, speaking openly about our mental health still has a stigma, the suicide rate is far too high (zero is the only real acceptable number), events like 5K races or community events for mental health is disproportionately represented, we are still in our infancy of understanding mental illness, and exercise could be used to bring people together and create a community of hope and support.

Mind Mission exists to bring people together, to create a community of hope and resiliency, and to show that there is strength in reaching out to your fellow human being for help.  We are not meant to fight alone on our journey and we are excited to create this arena for resiliency with all of you!”

Favorite Types of Exercise: Cycling, Hiking, and Weight Training

Favorite Musical Artists: J. Cole and The Weeknd

Tyson Houpe

Nationwide Childrens Hospital, Recreational Therapist, CTRS Certified Personal Trainer, ACE CPT

“Mental health is a passion of mine because I believe it is important to help people find enjoyment in every day leisure in order to push through their struggles. Over the course of time I hope MindMission can help provide a community of support and help make the topic of mental health less taboo.”

Favorite Type of Exercise: Any and all types

Favorite Musical Artist: J. Cole

Mitchell Davis

Able Printing Company, Production and Outreach, Chief of Cycling

“Mental Health advocacy is a passion of mine because I’ve seen that the trials we face as individuals cannot compete with the strength that community brings. Battles are not meant to be fought alone, and we find great pride in standing with all who need help standing on their own.”

Favorite Type of Exercise: Playing Soccer and Cycling

Favorite Musical Artist: Zac Brown Band

Taqdees Khan

Nationwide Childrens Hospital, Crisis Therapist, LISW-S

“I received my training at OSU and CCNY but my journey of being in service to others started in Pakistan and is a homage to my mentor Edhi. Edhi, the ultimate social worker, philanthropist and humanitarian. I hope everyone reading this will look him up for immediate inspiration and of course a gold star from me! Edhi taught me to live authentically and guide others to do the same; to seek goodness in all. My professional values: service, competence, social justice, integrity, dignity and worth of the person and the importance of human relationships, all intersect in the field of mental health. Working in youth mental health is the best avenue for me to live in service and practice my values. Throughout my professional adventures, I have learned to take care of myself by having amazing conversations with Kashif and our friends, jumping on the trampoline or dancing with my daughters and going on my walks with my mom.”

Favorite Types of Exercise: Planks and Reading

Yaw Karikari

LISW, Licensed Independent Social Worker

“In my private practice I enjoy seeing the progress and positive outcomes of the clients and families that I serve. I believe I have a unique skill set that best matches the needs of people who are struggling with mental health and are in crisis”

Favorite Type of Exercise: Playing Soccer and strength training

Favorite Musical Artists: The Weeknd and Tupac

Marcus Merriman

Nationwide Childrens Hospital, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, MS, APN, PMHNP-BC

“For many people, the experience of struggling with a mental illness can be an incredibly isolating one.  I liken the feeling to being helplessly/hopelessly caught in the middle of some kind of raging, internal battle between the mind and the body.  My passion for the field of mental health stems from a desire to help people seek and receive effective treatment by first providing them with a safe place to tell their story, to lighten their burden by sharing it with someone else. I strive to create a healing space for those who are struggling to speak freely and openly, not only so that they may feel truly heard and authentically seen, but also so that they no longer feel alone.”

Favorite Types of Exercise: Jogging with my dog Moose, Biking with Friends, Playing Sports

Favorite Musical Artist: All Types of Music, Recently into Pop Smoke and MGK

Charlie DeMint

Grandview Grind, Manager/Barista, Sneaker Flipper

“It’s ok not to be ok. We struggle to understand our mind is a wonderful tool. If we allow ourselves to learn how to transform negative outlooks into positive outcomes we will live a more fulfilling life.”

Favorite Type of Exercise: Running

Favorite Musical Artist: Fleet Foxes

Katie Kupfer

Nationwide Childrens Hospital, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

“My passion in life is advocating for kids and teens with mental health illnesses; to help break the stigma surrounding psychiatric treatment, and to help teach people that mental illness does not define who a person is, nor does it limit who a person can become.”

Favorite Types of Exercise: Orange Theory for hard work, Dancing for fun

Favorite Musical Artist: Taylor Swift 🙂

Sarah Maggied

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Ohio Area Director

“As someone who has struggled and continues to navigate my own mental health, I’m honored to be a part of MindMission. As a passionate and dedicated advocate for both mental health and suicide prevention, I hope to empower others to talk about their struggles and believe in the power of hope. I am committed to equitable mental health services and resources for ALL people, specifically in the state of Ohio as the Ohio Area Director at The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. I know, first hand, what moving your body, getting outdoors and cultivating genuine human relationships can do for your mental health.  I strongly believe that mental health IS physical health and am thrilled to be part of MindMission.”

Favorite Types of Exercise: Kayaking and Biking

Favorite Musical Artist: The Beatles

Tyler Rolfes

Advanced Practice Provider Manager, Behavioral Health, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC

“I’m passionate about this field because of the opportunity to serve those who feel rejected. Helping the weak become strong and find their voice is important to me. I believe we are only as strong as we allow our weakest to be. The impact has a multiplying effect and is worthy of our time, energy, and emotions.”

Favorite Type of Exercise: Bicycling, Hiking, and Rowing

Favorite Musical Artists: The Beatles, The Black Keys, and Needtobreathe

Shellie Edington

Virtual Fitness Coach at Edington Family Fitness & CoverMyMeds, Crossfit Games Champion

“I am passionate about mental health because being able to control your thoughts and make your mind work for you, not against, is very liberating and powerful.”

Favorite Type of Exercise: Crossfit

Favorite Musical Artist: Black Eyed Peas

Phil Brilli

Nationwide Childrens Hospital, Behavioral Health Programming Specialist

“Mental healthcare is a passion of mine because I enjoy instilling hope in people who struggle to see beyond their current circumstances.  Oftentimes, physical health and mental health are treated differently: physical disabilities are treated with care and compassion, yet someone who experiences difficulties with mental health experiences stigma and shame.  Every type of experience, memory, thought, or feeling you’ve ever had is filtered through your mind.  Doesn’t it make sense to ensure it’s as healthy as it can be?”

Favorite Types of Exercise: Strength Training and Hiking

Favorite Musical Artists: The Black Keys, CAAMP, Greta Van Fleet, Tom Petty

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