Support Rides

Group Description:  

This is not your typical fitness class or your standard mental health support group.  At Mind Mission we promote mental health awareness through fitness and adventure.  Mind Mission has partnered with Cyclebar of Upper Arlington and Daron Larson of Attentional Fitness to offer a new kind of mental health support group through exercise and human connection.  

Who is this ride for?

Mainly, this ride is for anyone with a connection to mental health. This could be someone who battles a mental illness of their own, or has a close family member or friend they know that struggles with it. This could also be someone who has lost a loved one to suicide. The purpose of the ride is to strengthen the community around mental health.

What to Expect:

Participation is free to anyone who wishes to attend.  The group will consist of an instructor-led Cyclebar class and a mindfulness workout with Daron Larson of Attentional Fitness.  Following the workout, resources to both local and national mental health organizations will be provided, as well as the option to connect with others from the class.

*Disclaimer*  Mind Mission, Cyclebar, and Attentional Fitness are not certified to treat or diagnose mental health conditions.  This group is not designed to replace any existing treatment, instead it uses research-backed interventions such as physical exercise, mindfulness and meditation, and social connection to create a supportive community and environment.  There will not be a mental health provider on-site, however information on how to connect with a mental health professional will be provided.